Terms and Conditions of Use


GOiN Events is your portal to find and follow Events, Artists, share with your friends, family, get tickets, promotions and offers and above all, have a great experience.

“GOiN” puts available on this website / APP "GOiN Events" a set of information’s as updated as possible, regarding the activities developed in the framework of its responsibilities/powers, in order to, on behalf of their promoters, publicize, promote and sell to the public in general, electronic tickets for shows taking place in Portugal and abroad.

This website / APP is published, provided and operated by “FANTASTICURIOSITY Lda.”, Private Limited Company with the NIPC 514535725, with its headquarters at Rua Alfredo Lopes Vilaverde, 19, 2nd D, CP 2770-009 Paço de Arcos.

Before accessing and using the APP / website, please read the Terms and Conditions. When purchasing, accessing and using this APP / website, you agree to have read, understood and accepted as valid the Terms and Conditions below, without any further act or consent.

The access to and use of the website and its Application, referred to as "APP", the " FANTASTICURIOSITY Lda.”, referred to hereafter as "GOiN", are regulated in the same way by these Terms and Conditions on extent applicable and with its due adaptations.

"GOiN" reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions in the APP, considering the changes to take effect from the date of their inclusion in the application or by publication in http://goin.events website. This does not affect any purchase carried out prior to the change, and being that the access and further use of the website or user- APP will be considered as a clear sign that was read, understood and accepted the new Terms and Conditions, as amended.

2.Usage and Risk

"GOiN" or any other party involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of the website / APP shall not be liable for any loss or damage upon the civil responsibility (including but not limited to, consequential damages, profits loss and moral damage caused directly or indirectly), arising in consequence of the correct or incorrect use of the website / APP and its contents by the user, access to the computer and user's computer system by third parties, viruses, among others.

Even though engaging in the security of your website / APP and implementing the technical protection measures, physical and logical, appropriate to ensure the protection of the same, "GOiN" does not warrant or state that the files available for download on the website or the applications themselves are free of viruses, worms, Trojans, scripts or other code or program containing destructive and / or harmful properties.

The information on the website / APP must be seen in its informative aspect. Despite the efforts of "GOiN" in keeping the contents up to date and reliable, these may contain inaccuracies, typographical errors or be out of date, and can be changed at any time without any prior notification by "GOiN". It is therefore recommended not to be used upon decision making.

3.Action Policy

It is forbidden to use the Website / APP for illegal purposes or any other purposes that may be deemed unworthy of "GOiN" image or its subsidiaries in the market.

Usurpation, counterfeiting, use of counterfeit or usurped content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are criminally punishable by law.

It also prohibited the user to create or enter in this Website / APP any viruses, worms, Trojans, scripts or other code or program containing destructive or damaging properties, or instigate / advise others to do so.

4.Eligibility and Compliance

To use this website / APP one must be older than 13 years old. To make purchases your age should be of 18 years or older.

The APP and its offered events are directed only to persons who have access to the APP. "GOiN" does not represent the events. If you choose to use the APP or make a purchase it will be under your own responsibility, having the user to adapt to the circumstances of the event itself.

"GOiN" provides the user with a limited license to use the APP to access and enjoy our services in personal and non-commercial way, other than promoters previously validated by "GOiN" by linking them to comply with these terms (eg. tickets that can be shared with your friends, but not resell the same, except consenting exceptions).

“GOiN” reserves the right to cancel your use of the APP or the ability to make purchases in the event of failure to comply with these Terms. However, previously carried out transactions are considered to be validated, excluding cases of breach of these terms, higher force, or from facts that are not attributable, directly or indirectly.

5.Access to App

We can not guarantee that the APP is working continuously, uninterrupted or error- free. There may be times when certain features, parts or contents of APP, or the APP as a whole, may become unavailable (whether scheduled or not) or be modified, suspended or withdrawn by “GOiN”, in our sole discretion, without notice. You agree that “GOiN” is not responsible to you or any third party for any unavailability, modification, suspension or removal of the APP, any feature, part or content of the APP.

“GOiN” reserves the right to modify the format and content of the APP from time to time, as well as the right to modify, amend, replace or delete any events and / or other information on the APP.

You agree that the usage of the APP is available as is, at the time of use, at your sole risk.

6.Create / Register your GOiN account

Registering brings you all the services available to meet, follow and then go to events, access the promotions and offers using our Electronic Ticket Service. You need an account to view /manage your purchases, change (if necessary), store your financial details and modify your preferences, and these are just some of the options. “GOiN” reserves the right to refuse a new record or cancel your account at any time (including if a valid email address is not entered, personal, or if not presented the correct name and surname).

To register your account you will have to fill a form in the APP. You must guarantee that the entered information is true, complete and correct and inform us of any change of any information entered (you can update your data details in your account at any time). Our Privacy Policy covers the provided personal information stored.

To be able to register and access your account, you will need a password. This password must contain at least eight (8) characters, one (1) uppercase and one (1) number. It is important that this password is confidential as you are entirely responsible if you do not keep it confidential. Please let us know of any security breach so we can act accordingly and suspend your account for your protection. You agree that any person who you directly or indirectly allow the use of your password is authorized to use the APP and use our services through your account. There will be no charge for subsequent purchases made after the security breach notification.

The use of the APP is individual and authorized to only register one main account in the APP and add secondary ones. There is the possibility of associating accounts to Events and public profiles. You must guarantee that you will not create fictitious and / or fraudulent accounts, will not perform any fraudulent activity or hacking activitiy able to cause any damage to the APP and all that the APP is (for example, create multiple accounts in order to have more advantage in our promotions and offers).

7.What you are allowed to do

You can use the APP for personal and commercial purposes only in accordance with these Terms. You can visualize the APP ́s content on a screen of a mobile device and any content on the website, just printing these Terms and Privacy Policy, copy individual pages and tickets and save a few pages and / or tickets in electronic form. Additional terms may also be applied to some features, parts or all of the contents of the APP, being them put available before you can access the relevant resources, parts or all content.

8.What you are not allowed to do

Except as expressly provided in these Terms, you are not authorized to:
  • Save pages of the APP on a server or other storage device connected to any network or create an electronic database by systematically downloading and storing all or most of the APP ́s pages;

  • Remove or alter any content of the APP or attempt to circumvent security or interfere with the normal functioning of the APP or the servers on which it is housed.

You should only use the APP and any content available on the APP for lawful purposes (in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations), in a responsible manner, and not in a way that could damage our name or image or any of our affiliates.

All rights granted to you under these Terms shall terminate immediately in the event of you committing any breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

It is forbidden for the user to create or enter in the site / APP any viruses or programs that may damage or contaminate or advise others to do so. Violators will be criminal prosecuted.

It is not allowed to defame, disrupt or otherwise violate the rights of any user of our services.

You may not post your own advertising, branding or other promotional content on the website / APP (without our prior consent).

The user may not attempt to access, or access other computers or mobile devices, personal email or information from any person using the service.

The service cannot be used in a manner to intentionally interrupt, damage, disable, overburden or prevent the operation of itself.

You should not use the service if it violates intellectual property or legal rights that GOiN and its associates hold.

It is not allowed to use techniques of "webcrawling", "data and screen scraping."

9.Forums / Blog Reviews

The APP may, from time to time, create boards of message, new groups and / or other public forums (collectively review the forums) available for you to comment on the events offered on the App and read the reviews submitted by other users of the APP. The "GOiN" does not control the material submitted in these forums (collective reviews), nor are they subject to moderation on our part. The user is entirely responsible for the content of his comments since you submit them and acknowledges that all comments demonstrate the vision of the author, not GOiN ́s.

If you participate in these forums, you should:
  • Keep all comments relevant to the purpose of the Forum and the nature of the topic;

  • Not to submit illegal comments, threats, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, indecent, offensive or that infringe the rights of intellectual property or legally recognized rights of others;
  • Not to submit any comment that contains viruses and / or other code containing destructive elements;
  • Not to submit any comment that contains any form of advertising;
  • Do not impersonate, misrepresent or pretend an affiliation with any person or entity.

While we do not check the reviews, the GOiN reserves the right, according to our discretion to remove, edit or modify any comment submitted by you and / or close any topic at any time without notice.

All complaints about the content of the comments should be sent to the Customer Support email - support@goin.events. They must contain details of the review that is at the origin of the claim.

11.Personal Information

The use of your personal information submitted through the APP is governed by our privacy policy.

12.Ticket Purchase Policy

The Confirmation and / or Electronic Ticket display are personal and non- transferable, so any misuse of it is the sole responsibility of the user.

Counterfeiting, fraudulent duplication and / or resale of the Confirmation / Electronic Ticket display prevents the free access to the enclosure, and in that event "GOiN" declares itself extraneous and disclaims any liability.

It ́s the user's responsibility to provide the data indicated on the Confirmation / e-ticket display. “GOiN” is not responsible for any inconvenience resulting from a negligent confirmation of user data.

The electronic ticket is valid upon the presentation of a valid form of identification if requested by the room attendants / concert / event.

Upon the total value of the transaction, operating costs and VAT at the legal rate are added, depending on the chosen event. These operating costs will apply to all purchases made in "GOiN Events APP" and WEBSITE.

Exchanges and / or refunds of online purchases are not performed, except of the events canceled by the promoters initiative. In this case, the return and use of this recovery mechanism is always in dependence and responsibility of the promoter of the event.

The "GOiN" - company issuing the ticket, does not assume, in any case, the obligations and responsibilities of the promoter or the repayment of the operating costs and purchase shipping costs.

Unless otherwise indicated, it is not allowed to: enter the enclosure while the event is taking place, smoking on the premises, the entry of animals, cameras and / or video and audio recorders, as well as objects considered dangerous.

12.9 Tickets

For the vast majority of events you will only receive an electronic ticket or instructions to redeem it. Sometimes and in very exceptional situations, you must pick up your ticket at the post office or at a collection point (plus a ticket shipping rate, varying according to the location of the reception, we will always use the express service, unless otherwise indicated) when we are not able to send the electronic ticket to your account.

You will be notified if this is necessary and we will provide you the collection details, including location and dates. You should bring a valid form of ID, proof of your order and payment receipt. If you aren’t ́t able to collect the ticket or fail to arrive at the collection point during the stipulated period, it will be considered that you forfeit the ticket and a refund will not be issued. The electronic ticket is valid upon presentation of a valid form of identification if requested by the assistants of the event.

The ticket should only be used on the date of the event, or it will not be considered valid. This doesn’t entitle you to any refund.

Normally, tickets have a maximum purchase per event per person. The average limit is 10 tickets per user per event (if the limit is below or above you will be informed at the time of purchase).

It is your responsibility to confirm your ticket once you've made a mistake, and it may not always be possible to rectify it after the purchase. Please carefully check the information on your purchase receipt and contact us immediately in case of any error, or if you have not received your ticket.

It is your responsibility to check whether the event was canceled or rescheduled and it ́s new date and time. We will use all our efforts to inform you of the cancellation or rescheduling of an event but we do not guarantee it will be informed of such cancellation or rescheduling before the event.

12.10 Process of purchasing

Tickets can be bought when you click the event you want to buy following the instructions that will appear on the screen. You can confirm or change any data entered in your purchase to the extent that submits the order to “GOiN” by clicking the button "make payment" within the application.

Once you have submitted your payment order, this means that we can buy the ticket. All orders are subject to our acceptance. We have no obligation to accept your order and we can, within our discretion, refuse to accept the same. When we accept your order, we will confirm the acceptance of it via an email or notification, giving you details of your ticket. Despite our acceptance, we may immediately terminate or suspend the purchase (and suspend or cancel the ticket) subsequently, if your payment details are considered invalid or lack of provision to make the purchase, or “GOiN” or our payment supplier suspect fraudulent behavior associated with your account.

Reproduction, sale, resale or exchange of tickets is prohibited. In these situations we have the right to cancel the ticket and your account. Nevertheless we support that you purchase tickets and offer them as a gift.

12.11 Additional Terms

Your ticket is owned by the merchant, being it a revocable personal license that may be withdrawn or refused its admission at any time, and made a refund of the visible price on the ticket.

Our traders may prohibit us from making exchanges or refunds after the purchase is made, or in case of loss, theft, damage or total or partial destruction of the ticket. It’s the users’ responsibility to keep your ticket safe digital or via SMS.

“GOiN” can limit the number of tickets you can buy for an event. We reserve the right, within a reasonable suspicion, to cancel, without notice, or make you responsible for a ticket purchase done up to any specified limits or if we suspect fraudulent conduct related to their purchase.

The ticket should not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes without the consent of traders and “GOiN” company.

The tickets sold have in consideration the possibility of the partner of the event to change or modify the program due to circumstances of the event that he is not responsible, without any obligation to refund or ticket exchange beyond the cases properly established in our refund policy.

The ticket sales are final, where exchanges or returns are not accepted.

12.12 Price and Payment

The price of the ticket is quoted on the APP. All ticket purchases include VAT at the legal rate, plus the amount for the payment of operating costs (fixed fee € 0.75 per ticket + 4,5% of the ticket price + VAT to the legal rate on the amount of commission), for Debit and Credit Cards and for payments with ATM Reference (Portugal only), our operating costs are 0,75€ (fixed fee) + 3% of the ticket price + VAT to the legal rate on the amount of commission.

Prices may be changed at any time, but changes will not affect purchases in which you have received the email and / or notification of confirmation.

Payment for all orders must be made by debit or credit card, ATM reference or any other method made available at the time of purchase, having you to enter the information on the settings of your account in the APP as part of the buying process. If you make a payment through an ATM reference, after the date and time limit are overpass, you will receive an offer code of that amount to use on an equal amount of purchase.

12.13 Credit Card payments

You should be aware that online payments are subject to validation along with the card issuer, and that “GOiN” is not responsible if they refuse authorization for a payment for any reason. The user must take into consideration that your card issuer may apply a charge for the online purchase or processing of the purchase, which is not “GOiN ́s” responsibility.

In case of an error of duplicate transactions, the cancellation and full refund of the amount paid is guaranteed.

The user agrees that any service provided by “GOiN” may expire and that “GOiN” may cancel providing services to you.

You agree to immediately notify us as soon as you suspect that a transaction not authorized by you or through your account was made, so we can take provisions and avoid any financial loss.

All service rates can be changed being the user informed, within our resources, of these changes. If you disagree with the new rates you will have a ten (10) day period from the notice date to cancel your subscription.

13.Creation of Events

Any registered user can create events for free.

Creating event has two categories, public and private.

13.2.1 Creation of public events (visible to any user)
For the creation of public events, “GOiN” needs to authenticate and validate the public profile. Only the creators of events and artists associated with public profile validated may have access to the creation of public events feature. To this end, “GOiN” will require more information about this, and its validation may take up to 24 (twenty four) hours. GOiN reserves the right to reject or cancel any public profile at any time without notice, if they do not comply with these terms

13.2.2 Creation of private events (distributed via a link)
Any user can create private events. Private events are visible on your profile and can be distributed via a link to your friends or other users who are part of that friendship group within the APP. It can be shared externally and invite others to view the event, being that “GOiN” is not responsible for the content of these private events. “GOiN” reserves the right to reject; cancel any private event, without notice, if it violates these terms.
The creation of events is available within the personal profile page in the upper right corner designated with the plus sign (+). You must follow the instructions and some fields are mandatory. When the event is created it will be available within the profile page in the "Events" tab. There you can edit, delete and observe any further additional information if available.
Any event containing material likely to impress sensitive people should necessarily be created as a private event.

13.3 How to report an event
All the events will have the option of being able to be reported for various reasons.

The user must send an email to “GOiN” explaining why he reports it. “GOiN” will take into consideration all complaints and will act accordingly to ensure that all the terms are not violated.

14.Service Packages

When creating public events we provide various service packages: Free, Premium and Gold.

14.1.1 Free - Users who want to use the service free of charge.
The free service package allows you to create events in the APP or import Facebook events and can add basic filters, categories and profiles of artists. This package has technical support within 48 (forty eight) hours via email, providing “GOiN” also our service creation and reading free tickets. As a matter of security, the validation of these events is always done through two authentication steps. The user can create free tickets but it is unable to market them, and this feature is only available in the Premium Services, Gold and others that are paid.

14.1.2 Premium - Users who want a product / service custom made and therefore bet on the price / quality ratio.
The Premium service package has the same options as the free plus the possibility of selling tickets, disabling the two authentication steps in creating events, highlight on the event table and positioning above the free events and below the Gold events, statistical offer and simple analytical and technical support within twelve (12) hours via email. This service has an associated cost, providing “GOIN” various purchases options for this service.

14.1.3. Gold - Users who prefer the ultimate highlight and value the performance of products / services.
The Gold service package has the same options as the Premium with detailed statistics and analytics, notifications for all users who have been added to the event, most outstanding service in the event table, insert events, dedicated account manager and technical support in six (6) hours via email and phone number for emergencies. The notification service assumes that it will be used in a non-abusive manner and relevant nature of the event itself (e.g. the access to the event is forwarded fifteen (15) minutes in advance, or will be made by another access). It is, however, prohibited the use of the notifications for advertising purposes except with our consent.

Note that in the case of tickets sales for the Premium and Gold services, VAT will be charged at the legal rate and the funds will be transferred to the user's account up to eight (8) working days after completion of the event.

15.Refund Policy

Purchased tickets can not be exchanged or refunded, except in the following conditions:
  • In the occurrence of an error on the price of the bought ticket, you will be informed as soon as possible, allowing you to either reconfirm your purchase at the correct price (debiting / crediting your account if applicable), or cancel the order. If you choose to cancel, you will receive a full refund if you have already made the payment. If it's not possible to contact you, it will be considered a cancellation.

15.1 Refund Policy
The refund is made using the same payment method originally used to make the purchase.

You may reject a credit or refund within thirty (30) days after receiving the credit or the refund. If you do not reject the credit or refund within the above mentioned period, you consent to the same, which is the final settlement of all claims, actions, requests and procedures that you may have against “GOIN” that may appear on the ticket or purchase for which you have received the credit or refund.

15.2 Your legal rights
These Terms do not limit or exclude rights stipulated by mandatory law that the User may hold. However, you should consider the existence of exceptions to cancellation rights relating to contracts for entertainment activities, specific dates, within the regulations of consumer contracts (information, cancellations and additional charges) as well as purchases made through the APP, generally are not possible to be cancelled or to be issued a refund. For more information, please contact our Customer Support through our email - support@goin.events.

16.Our service standards

“GOiN” is committed to exercise with caution and attention our obligations under these terms. And, acting in accordance with these, we will not be responsible for errors or omissions on the part of the user that are not informed in good time, and we will only issue credits or refunds in limited circumstances (see section of our Refund Policy).

All warranties, conditions and terms are expressly provided herein, which does not prevent the user to assert their rights under the relevant applicable law.

17.Our liability

“GOiN” is not responsible towards the User for:
  • Death or harm to physical integrity in the event of the enclosure;

  • By fraudulent misrepresentation of the User;

  • For any arising damages that you may suffer due to purchases.

“GOiNs” responsibility is strictly limited to losses that were already planned using the APP. Losses are foreseeable where they can be contemplated by “GOiN” and by you by the time the order is accepted by us.

“GOiN” does not guarantee and exclude the liability in relation to, or supply, the event for which the tickets were bought back, including in relation to quality, safety, usability or any other aspect of the event for which the ticket has been or may be reacquired. “GOiN”, however, shall issue credits and refunds in limited circumstances (check our refund policy).

”GOiN” shall not be liable for any failure in performance, delay or any obligation caused by the event.

The image content shown on the APP are intentional and only for the representation of the public profile or event, or place.

If, despite all our efforts, errors occur in this website / APP, “GOiN” cannot be held responsible for that.

“GOiN” does not screen or monitor in advance the content transmitted to third parties and is not responsible for filtering such content. If notified, “GOiN” can investigate an alleged violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website / APP and may determine that the information is removed from it.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit or exclude the liability of “GOiN” in cases where such is legally permitted.

18.Suspension and Termination of the use of the App

“GOiN” may suspend or terminate, in whole or in part, the use of the APP, your account and / or ticket purchases if you use (or allow someone else to use it) the APP, or your account or purchase tickets in disagreement with these terms, if the User is informed of such factuality and fails to resolve it at “GOiN's” satisfaction.

The termination of the use of the APP should not prejudice any right of the User or its responsibility acquired before the termination.


You shall direct at “GOiN” all and any claim related to our products and services, committing “GOiN” to respond to all complaints.

Complaints will be decided by “GOiN” in accordance with applicable Portuguese law, having the user the right to see your question decided in court, if they so wish.

21.Additional Terms for Apple

See additional terms and conditions relating to Apple via the following link http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/us/terms.html#SALE.


  • "Merchant" means a third party associated with “GOiN” that sells events and services for which a purchase can be made.

  • "Buy" or "Shopping" means the acquisition of ticket, tickets or services.

  • "Ticket" means the document that titles the right to access a particular event, issued by the merchant or “GOiN”, which may be subject to additional terms set by the merchant.

  • "Event" means the event and / or services offered by a merchant or by us in particular for which a purchase can be made.
  • "Associates" are all those who directly or indirectly provide services, commercial or others related GOiN.

23.Costumer Support

FAQ's and Tutorials contain answers to frequently asked questions, see them.
If necessary, any inquiries, questions or complaints should be made to the address support@goin.pt or write to us at

Rua Alfredo Lopes Vila Verde
Nº19 2ºD
2770-009 Paço de Arcos

24.Cookies and Objects Shared Locally

“GOiN” provides you services, products and offers customized to your interests. In order for this to happen we may use "cookies" to keep and sometimes identify the information provided by you.

For more information about how we use these "cookies" please read our Privacy Policy.

26.Third Party Author Rights

“GOiN” guides its actions by respecting the intellectual property rights of others, and requires that any user of the APP do the same.

If you have reason to believe that your work has been copied in whole or in part and that a violation of copyright has occurred, and for us to improve our services we ask to send us the following information to support@goin.pt:

  • Your address, telephone, fixed or mobile number and email address;

  • Description of the work performed and which you suspect is a copy;

  • Description of where the work is stored / accessible;

  • A statement signed by you, with a recognized signature for legal purposes, confirming that you did not allow the work to be copied;

  • A physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on your behalf for copyright interests;

  • A statement under oath, in which the statement given above is true and that you are the holder of the copyright, or the person who can act on your behalf and representation, proving hold of the necessary legal powers to act.

27.Applicable Law and Competent Court

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Portuguese law. It falls under the responsibility of the Lisbon District _ Central Instance of Almada, excluding any other, to resolve any conflicts arising from the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions for using the website / APP.