Privacy Policy

“Fantasticuriosity, LDA” is responsible for the operation, maintenance and security of the application and website GOiN.

"GOIN", either on the use of website or of the app "GOiN Events" is committed to respect the privacy of its users striving to protect your information online.

For that it has prepared this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to inform you adequately on the functioning of the website / APP as well as the treatment of your personal information.

Any changes to our Privacy Policy, subsequent to its active transfer of personal data, and the purpose for which you provided them is put in question, it will be of your knowledge if for that you have provided us with a form of contact.

1.Personal Information Collected


When you visit our website / app and subscribe to some of the available features, we need to collect some of your personal information to be able to send information’s or the confirmation display / electronic ticket you have requested, as well as considering it for promotional process if that interest is actively manifested by you.


We do not collect personal information that can identify you or relating to your own personal elements, without your prior and informed consent. We can thus collect and store information that voluntarily you decided to provide us, including, but not limited to individualized personal information such as your name, address, email address and phone number.


In case you need to provide us personal information to access any type of functionalities, it will be explicitly informed of how this information is used.


Under the terms of the law, the holders of personal data have the right to access freely and without restrictions, confirming, rectifying, erasing or blocking the data that they have provided and may exercise it in person or by writing to the address / headquarters of the company duly identified on the site at any time and without charge, under the provisions of Law No. 67/98 of October 26th.


Minors under 13 must obtain prior authorization from parents or guardians providing any personal data on the website / APP.


The user can use the APP or website GOiN without informing us of your identity or revealing any personal data. This information is only associated with your account when you use the application or website as a registered user.


The User has no obligation to provide your information. However, if you do not, it will not be possible for GOiN to provide you all services.


If you want, the data holder has the right to obtain access, correct or delete the data provided.


By using the APP and GOiN Website, the User agrees that your information is treated in accordance with this privacy policy.


Fantasticuriosity, LDA reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time by changing it in the APP GOiN Events and website GOiN.


For better understanding, GOIN identifies the collected INFORMATION, namely:


Note that there are other types of information, not personal and not individualized, which are recorded only to help us ensure that the APP remains useful and to ensure a good user experience for those who visit. This information is recorded through Internet browsing, such as the address and Internet protocol by which users have access to the website and application, the address on the Web page that referred directly to us, the most visited App pages, type browser and operating system, identification of properties of used equipment (such as MAC address and UDID).

2.Use of Information


GOiN uses the information collected, above mentioned, for the following purposes:

3.Shared Information


GOiN may disclose statistics about visitors of the APP, customers and sales in order to describe its services to prospective partners, advertisers, potential dealers and third parties and / or for legal reasons, and these statistics will not include any personal information.


GOiN may disclose your personal information to our partners, merchants, agents or our associates in order to provide the services we offer through the APP, processing transactions, fulfilling requests for information, receiving and sending communications, updating lists marketing, analyzing data, providing support or other tasks, regular, and our partners will only use your personal information in strict measure of the performance of its functions.


Should GOiN be subject to reorganization, merger, spin-off or sale to a third party or third parties, the User agrees that any personal information previously provided to GOiN can be transferred to this or these third parties.


For your safety and the safety of others, the User shall not be disclose your personal information through voice conversations, text or message, blogs, profiles, websites, or other similar situations. Whenever it does, all your information can be collected and used by others.

4.Conservation of Personal Information


After the collection of individualized personal information that you voluntarily sent us, "GOiN" shall preserve and maintain it until further instructions or until the law requires its disposal. The conservation of this information allows " Fantasticuriosity, LDA " to continue to provide you with personalized services without interruption.


Any user can freely choose to provide or not any individualized personal information. Since " Fantasticuriosity, LDA." is not held liable for any embarrassment caused in the access to obtain confirmation / e- ticket display, if you provide incorrect personal data, impossible to later confirm or simply do not pass the data elemental to use the service.


Accordingly, if you do not wish to receive part of “GOiN” communications, even after we have provided your data, please contact us by email to

5.Safety and Use of Information


"GOiN" is committed to ensure the privacy of visitors to our website / APP.


"GOiN" does not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information provided by users to our website / APP.

6.Safety and Payments/Purchases


GOiN uses strong encryption of information on our services, using security certificates (SSL - secure server software).


Payments / Purchases: When you make a purchase and complete the payment information, you just need to enter the number of your credit card expiration date. This information will be redirected through a secure and private channel for the company Stripe, MEO WALLET, that using Verified By Visa and Secure Code for Visa and EuroCards / Mastercards cards, respectively, in the treatment of the same information. To maintain the security in the payment process you will be asked to make available the CVV2 number, visible on the back of your card.


You can also for your convenience and security and only for payments / purchases in Portugal, choose to issue an ATM reference and pay by the same, without any bank information stored by the APP.


We restrict access to personal information to employees, contractors and promoters of the APP that need to know this information for the purpose of processing and technical support, meeting subject to strict obligations of contractual confidentiality and may be subject to disciplinary action or termination in the event of breach of obligations.


The GOiN Database is registered with the National Data Protection Commission.

7.Cookies Policy

We use cookies on our website to improve the performance and your user experience. This document explains how we do it.

What are cookies?

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer or on your mobile device via a web browser (browser), retaining only information related to your preferences, including not, as such, your personal data. The placement of cookies will help the website to recognize your device the next time the user visits it. We use the term cookies on this policy to refer to all files that collect information in this way. The cookies used do not collect information that identifies the user. Cookies collect general information, including how users arrive and use the websites or of the country / countries through which access the website, etc. Cookies retain only information related to your preferences. At any time the user can, through your web browser (browser) decide to be notified of the receipt of cookies and block their entry on your system. The refusal of usage of cookies on the website may result in the inability to have access to some of your areas or to receive personalized information.

What are Cookies used for?

Cookies are used to help determine the usefulness, interest and the number of uses of their websites, allowing for faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Our cookies, not only do they allow navigation on the website and use its applications, as well as allows access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies services you have requested cannot be provided. Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of our website. Some cookies can also be used to analyze how users use the website and monitor the performance of this. This allows us to provide a high quality experience to customize our offer and quickly identify and correct any problems that arise. For example, we use performance cookies to find out what the most popular pages, what method of connection between pages is more effective, or to determine why some pages are receiving error messages. These cookies are used only for the purpose of creation and statistical analysis, never to collect personal information. They keep the user preferences regarding the usage and functionality of the website, so that it is not necessary to configure the website each time the visit. They measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They may also be used in order to customize a widget with the user data.

Cookies can be:

Permanent - They are stored for a variable time, at the level of the web browser (browser) in your access devices (PC, mobile and tablet) and are used whenever the user makes a new visit to the website. They are typically used for direct navigation according to the user's interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service.

Not Permanent - They are temporary, remain in the cookies of your web browser (browser) to exit the website. The information obtained allows us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

How can you manage the cookies?

As explained, cookies help you get the most out of our websites. All Internet browsers (browsers) allow the user to accept, decline or delete cookies, in particular by selecting the appropriate settings on their web browser (browser). After authorizing the use of cookies, you can always disable part or all of our cookies. For this purpose, the user must follow the following assumptions:

Cookie Settings in Internet Explorer - see the following Microsoft Web page:

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Other web browsers (browser) Please look in the "help" menu of the web browser (browser) or contact the supplier of the web browser (browser).

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