GOiN is your Swiss Army Knife for Events.



Hugo Castro, CEO

At GOiN, WE believe that Events are part of us.

Elevating us from our daily lives, Events make our lives more richer, meaningful and complete.

We are sharing GOiN with everybody, so people feel more empowered to go to events, having and sharing real life experiences, contributing for more everlasting and positive memories.

Event discovery made easy.

Find the events you are looking for in 1 minute or less.

Use our quick or complete filters to find what you want,when you want, where you want.

Get tickets with only 3 taps.

Get free and paid tickets straight inside the App. No need to ping-pong across multiple Apps and websites to get them.

You can easily offer and share tickets with your friends and family.

Event Organizers,
GOiN's got you covered!

You can now create, promote, manage and optimize your events inside the Apps.

Worried no more about security and ticketing fraud. Our tickets are secured on a multi-layer level and our transactions are also protected with Blockchain Technology.

Never miss anything anymore!

Information is the new Gold!

Get notifications from your friends and favourite Public Profiles you follow.

Easily accept friends, teams and guest list invitations, offer tickets, and many more in a simple, clean and organized way.

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